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EE - Stuff to learn (during Freetime)

This should be a list of topics you can learn in general (and as long this is EngineeringStudents you may not learn in courses as well). Have a look what might fits you, what can be a benefit for you in future and what sounds fun. This list will never be 100% correct, there will be stuff missing and maybe some things change over time (also a lot of typos and bad grammar, I'm sorry). But with your help we may create a list with interessting and helpful topics. Yes this post was made around half a year ago, but is usefull in my opinion and would be to sad to be lost in the archive.
Hello everyone,
I noticed a couple of posts in the last weeks where people are looking for stuff to learn, but are not sure what. So I want to make a small list of EE-stuff what I recommend, beside most standard stuff (like Calc I, Ohms law etc.). I have no clue about other engineering fields (I'm into automation & robotic), but maybe YOU can help out for your engineering field, but please in another topic, not here*!* (but will be linked, if you post them in the comments)
One general advice, if you know where you want to work in future, you shall not wear blinkers and concentrate just on stuff of your field. Take a look outside the box and try to learn some stuff. You don't have to be a master on all fields, but be able to know what other engineers are talking about. Short notice: I try to list mostly free or open-source stuff, because some of us haven't got a student-licence (and/or the money), but I also know that you can't beat some commercial products so far.
General Stuff:
Programming languages:
Electronic stuff:
Automation &Robotic:
Information - and communications technology:
Micro- and Nanoelectronics:
Power Electronic/Electric:
Craftmanship (can be tricky, because you may not get the tools and somebody with experience for that)
Yes I can see some of you are rolling with their eyes and thinking "serious"? And you are right! And wrong! Don't underestimate Softskills. Having lectures about that stuff is sometimes pretty boring, but you won't believe what people are out there not being able to handle stuff. Neither Time management, not social skills to deal with conflicts and so on. Some people don't even know that they are missing this kind of skill set. Be honest to yourself and get at least a basic set. It is difficult to teach suc things for yourself and some techniques won't work, but others will (I manage my projects in another way than my workmates do).
[Sources are welcome, because this field is huge. I will just describe stuff I know/recommened/warn about ...]
Other Topics that aren't mentioned yet
Maybe I will add/change some stuff from time to time...
Anything you are missing? Put it in the comments and if I know it (or enough other) I will add it on the list as well.
Something wrong? Please let me notice so I can change that!
You don't even know how to survive Engineering? You may check out this regular post from me.
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Here is the first chapter of my first book series Ellius Gaze and the Shadow caster please enjoy

Ellius gaze and the shadow caster a tale in the lamplight
second edit
Chapter one edits
The cases of Elius Gaze and the Shadow Caster
A tale in the lamplight
Everywhere you go in life you cast a shadow.
You leave your footprints behind.
Some people live a dull, meaningless shadows, reflection of an existence While the heat of the sun burns and intensifies within them.
Not me.
Mine is a world where a speck of sunlight would be an unholy sin in the everyday journey lesser mortals call life.
“Remember me”.
The words erupted like a shotgun that after a sudden click of the trigger had released its steel captives we know and fear as bullets.
“Oh, you should detective.”
Came the voice once more.
I answered slowly.
Bidding my time, but also aiming to get under my attacker's skin.
“Some people are just forgettable.”
I paused and took a deep drag on my cigarette then continued my insult.
“Like silhouettes on the wall”.
There are detectives that solve mysteries.
Chase criminals.
Meet the one who hunts pure evil.
In a tale with more twist and turns than a Rubik’s cube.
Chapter one
Keeping things clean
Cases file of private detective :Ellius Wilson Gaze
First case entry: A tale in the lamplight.
They called her Old Smokey.
A woman so rough you'd have to be crazy not to follow her rules.
I had always lived my life on the wild side of the tracks.
So disobeying some old land lady's rules in the grand scale of things was a risk I didn't mind taking as long as I could drown my sorrows at the bottom of a whisky glass In my favorite drinking hole in the heart of the city.
The land lady’s voice bellowed at me down the corridor.
“Curfew is twelve dammit and you come rolling in here drunk out of your stinking mind in the early hours of the morning.”
The landlady’s voice shook me from my drunken haze it was the tone of a familiar foe.
Her lips snarled like a territorial hound who had been up all night guarding the last remnants of a chewed up bone gnawed down to the marrow.
Her teeth were like those of an animal which sharpened with every chew it took to satisfy its hunger.
The same mouth, which I determined at the time was decaying from deliberate abuse of a self inflicted nature.
Both psychical on the account of her regular fifty a day smoking habit and consumption of some of the worse liquor to ever hit the barrel.
Liquor that held up to gasoline would not have looked out of place at a rally show of old rusted up engines and the intoxicating smell of fumes that accompanied every dirt track race.
Races that made rich men richer and poor men drivers of the wheel.
Like the wheel of each car there hands, bodies and entire existence were bread solely to turn the cogs of crime that filed a dying city of greed chaos and corruption.
But there were only so many bends that crooked racetrack could Handel before serious accidents closed down every path forever.
The drivers got sick of risking their lives in a city that didn't value their survival in the slightest.
My mind spun in a drunken loop as I began to once more study old Smokey’ s expressions on that night.
As my eyes started to take in her features I began to look deep into her hollow, tired, worn out eyes that had been absorbed away from a life of far too much risk taking with very little reward at the end.
I saw The horrors that had befallen her and how they took up residency on her face.
A face that was etched with pain for the whole world to view.
A woman who had so much to carry but not the wisdom to lighten her load.
As I looked more and more at her though the crumbling remains that faced me I saw her second degree of decay.
This one much more deadly and taken root in depression, fear and anxiety.
Of the troubled crippled Mind that never was content with the answers it had been given.
I knew this feeling all to well.
As my own mind was never ending when it came to answer searching.
My synapses never slowed down never switched off and for far to long I had been working overtime clocking in too many hours in the body clock of life.
I recognised The psychological decay of a woman who had reached her limit and given up on life and who like all those that faced this road was not content to go down into the depth of darkness by herself.
So instead she yearned and struggled against the light.
Clawing to take everyone with her.
I looked hard at my skin I could almost see the invisible fingernails of the amount of times she had attempted to pull me under.
Her emotions took the form of A leech that sort to suck and drain the life of every soul she ever encountered.
Leaving them as frail, broken and bitter as the frame she carried around with her from each day to the next.
As if every syllable that spat out of her yellow rotten teeth had burnt their way out, leaving an invisible yet to me all so visible trail of corrosion.
Here's the kicker this foul creature of life's torments actually liked me.
She got me.
She got me so well that it was painful to admit.
It was as if she had already lived everyday I had and that no matter what life it threw at me she had had worse.
But I could almost guarantee that all of that was about to change even for a guy whose whole existence was sealed in the mysteries to which I was often hired to solve back then.
She could see far too many of my buried bones that I kept locked away from the garish light of day, but there were bones that she had yet to view.
Bones that after years of anger had Harden’d into an abnormal creation that faced every wall or obstacle in life and proceeded to smash right trough each and everyone no matter the state of my bones afterwards.
But Why?
Oh Why did she like me?
Well, that much to me was simple.
As much as it saddened me to admit.
Me and the old girl were the same.
I too had given up on ever holding on to anything deer and precious in this god forsaken world.
I too had gushed obscenities like they were going out of fashion, but I had refused to to wear what everyone else was wearing.
I too had a fuel that drove me much like those crooked motor cars.
and that fuel was no other than blind rage and Hatred,
and it was the best dam tool a half decent human being could have in a dump of a place they called sunshine city.
It was a forgotten city,
and I couldn't help but think that if it burnt to a cinder it would serve more of a purpose as fertilizer than as a living breathing community.
In short, it was a perfect heaven for the filth that called its streets home.
At the time I believed that there wasn't much difference between me and the city in which I strained in each day to try and prove that deep down under all the fakery I presented to the world we were both beyond salvation.
Yes, I had convinced myself that I had to be Nasty to keep my edge
to stay alive as long as I had to until my vendetta had come to an end.
Until revenge was the taste in my mouth and not cheap booze.
I thought at this time that hatred was my key to survive such a place,
but I would soon find out that to heal this city would take a far greater fuel than the one I was carrying inside me at the time.
As for me.
The infamous detective Ellius Gaze
well, let’s just say I've been rolling around now in the sewers and the Gutters of the city for so long that I now smelled just as bad as the people they paid me to dispose of.
Yes, I am a detective, but it was hard to justify calling yourself that or ragging about how good you are at your job.
when every time in this city I stuck my nose in the air I smelled that same evil that clung to every street corner on the collar of my favorite Mackintosh.
But back to that night in the guesthouse.
Although drunk out of my mind that night.
I turned to reply to the hatred that had been sent towards me.
“I know when the curfew time is I just don't follow it.”
I slamed the guest house door as hard as I could in my drunken yet driven state.
I no longer cared about waking the owners of each room in that place
that den of scum and layabouts.
Its every floor covered with another whineno and junkie,
and seeing that at the time I was forced into having a conversation I did not feel in any shape or form having.
I wasn’t going to hold back my temper this time as I prepared to reply yet again.
My head, which was now spinning as much as the room in which I stood or rather leaned against to find my bearings to the beat up phone table at the base of the stairs.
The spinning had come at the aftermath of a assault I had just got back from.
An assault that was by my own hand that had reached out for the whisky bottle to numb the pain one to many times.
I shrugged my shoulders as I stumbled in to the phone table.
And I watched the phone fall from the receiver whic created a brain splitting crack that my head was not prepared for.
I was gonna pay for that in the next morning as the ring just refused to leave my brain.
The table covered in dust was hardly ever used at the bottom of the guest house stairs that in my state of mind might as well have been a mountain I was about to ascend.
It certainly was as unstable as hiking up the crumbling tower of rock which for the life of me I never understood why someone would even want to do that
Life has enough mountains to climb without going looking for them.
Every night the climb got harder and my legs felt heavier I knew one day I would have to resort to crawling but thankfully that wasn't to be the case on this night .
I Fixed my gaze on Smokey .
Pun intended by the way.
Yes that’s right I know your reading my files well take a good look
Pay attention to the details and you just might learn somthing.
But back to that night and my bust up with the land lady.
I opened my mouth for yet another mistake in line with the whisky that had been poured welcomely down my throat and lay against my tongue.“
Tell me why dose a place everyone wants to leave have a curfew?
I smiled to myself, I felt proud at my fumbled insult.
But this old dog could bite a lot harder than she looked as she snapped back her comeback with more precision than I was currently equipped to handle at the time.
“Why dose a detective who couldn't find his own reflection still stick around in a city nobody wants him in?
“Her words hit home harder than the drink.
Why was I still here?
What was making me keep going?
It was like my feet were no longer my own.
As if I had been scooped me up like a babe in arms and brought to the same path over and over again.
But why and more importantly, how long could I keep fighting this force which was invading my soul?
A force that was relentless as it came to turn my heart of stone into one of blood and flesh.
I decided to hide from it and also from the power of Smoky’s insult.
I buried it deep and smiled that smile that in times like this was like a best friend that took the rap for all my foolish mistakes.
I had to smile for a beat up woman she sure could punch real low when she wanted.
Trouble was I could always punch lower.
“You know if I made a call on this stinking phone table of yours I could have this whole place trashed.
“In the eyes of the lawless I could give you a nice long curfew.”
So why didn’t she just threaten to ring the police on me.
I’ll tell ya why.
There was no police I was the closest thing to law and order and I was as crooked as my own spine after a night sleeping on bins in an old ally way.
But I had people.
Contacts if you will.
Alright scum.
The ones I would never call on but just the fact that I could scared even her.
Her response to defeat was always the same.
She began to shake and repress the urge of swinging for me.
See Smokey wasn't a slapping kind of girl she was a bare knuckle fighter that could go ten rounds with anyone if the temper was erupted strong enough to power every punch.
But even drunk she knew when she was outmatched and also she was smart enough to know that any hiding I got that night I wouldn't even be remembering the next morning.
Both of us content with our barking and show of authority I decided to call it a night and turned to climb the mountain.
As I turned to mount the staircase I heard a door slam with the echo of the tone of a dear old friend who loved to hate me “you better sleep with one eye open you drunk.”Little did she know I always did.
You see, in my line of work a good night's sleep was a rare as a monkey that didnt like bananas and just like those discarded banana skins there was always someone waiting in the dark for me to slip up.
I continued the drunken routine of every night the leaning staircase shuffle accompanied by my sweaty fingers digging into my trouser pocket in search of the rusted, bent and twisted key which after every new day was starting to look more and more like me.
Twisted as a result of my drunken attempts to enter rooms that at the time I swear blind are mine.
And after I forced my way in I quickly discovered that it was not my room as the owner tossed me through the door backwards for me to try door number two in my search for a place to lay my head and sleep off another night of testing my liver to its maximum capacity.
I assaulted my liver with the worse alcohol on the market and soon I was gonna push it to far.
I shook this future pain from my thoughts as I reached my door.
I prepare myself to approach the lock and insert the key.
Finally after the useless seven failed attempts to insert the key into the broken lock, which Jams more times than a cheap revolver that you could pick up from the east side back door ally's.
The fire pins always removed so they could charge extra for them was the normal con.
Forgive me dear reader, I'm rambling anyway, back to the door.
I Turned the key and begin thinking of how nice that old pillow was gonna feel.
I hear the click of the old office door that my room had now become the initials of P.D faintly scraped into the door as it swung open to reveal the familiar aroma of must alcohol and cigarette smoke.
The place wasn't much to look at but it was mine, which made it to me priceless.
As any space in this city was so expensive sharing was usually the only viable option.
In a city this corrupted people were one thing you wanted to avoid at all cost.
Even if it meant sleeping in the streets or the gutters.
I had a place and it would be more than just a room to put my drunk enough head down for the night.
It would become a tool a vital weapon that would bring an advantage I couldn't live without.
Stumbling in I turned towards the light switch and clicked it on in a clumsily ape like fashion.
I never slept in the dark.I was drunk not stupid,
why you ask?
In the dark there are none, killers can hide and lurk, blend into darkness that consumes their crimes.
You see in the lamp light is that creeping demonic apparition of a shadow.
A five second warning for me to wake up and turn out their lights so to say.
You see we all cast shadows in life and the people I dealt with, well, let's just say there shadows are a lot longer than most people's.
Criminals hate the light it shows them up for what they really are.
Dark reflections, of their past, a past I now read like a book lying in bed with one eye open.
It takes a few slurry attempts but suddenly the slumber takes me and I realised I was No longer conscious.
I slept but not for long as the nightmares crept into my mind.
As every mistake I have ever made became as fresh as the moment in which it had just happened.
I imagined myself running and running, but there's was no escape the shadows were coming and they wanted my soul.
They wanted every piece of me to drag me down to hell and never let me go.
I fought them off and pushed back towards the light and forced myself awake.
As I sat bolt upright I rubbed the sweat from my dripping mask of a face.
There was never an escape for me, I was caught in limbo and soon there would be no more running.
Soon I would have to choose a side.
Morning came it always did when you didnt want it to.
The lamp still glowed against the daylight as I leaned over the mattress to click it off.
Its job was done for another night.
Rising I unscrewed the bulb and place in a brand new one.
Can't take any chances at night and in the long run it Was a small price to pay to stay alive and keep peace of mind.
Now for the hard part the morning mirror.
It's cracked form tormented me from my slumber.
I dressed in the uniform that gets me through each day.
The battered suit with a wrinkled tie that matched my premature ageing features.
A wrinkle that told a thousand stories and only half of them were true.
The shirt was never white at least not to me.
Even new it was stained the moment it made contact with my skin.
The year at that time ever was 2051 but you'd never know it from my surroundings.
the room was frozen in time along with me.
No technology or home comforts.
no material possessions.
They only got in the way, clouded my mind and my soul made my job even harder to do.
Next I steped in to a scuffed up Pair of shoes that quite frankly wouldn't have looked out of place on a tramps foot begging for coins from passers by with not one Good Samaritan to lend even a whole lace or a stitch to the soul.
I had some strange thoughts that morning.
I strated to think of the many lonely souls I had seen over the last few weeks the very essence of mercy as their outstretched hands clammed for every cent they could get.
How there fingers would grasp so tightly to every offering not out of greed.
But the fact that to them each offering reminded them that humanity was not completely lost.
That deep down in its core people still cared.
that people Still wanted to reach out.
But hands as far as I could see back then remained in pockets.
A brisk March of ignorance And the bodies continued to just lie there and rot.
As I dressed I tried to make the most of every stitch I owned.
I knew that out there a coat could be the difference between waking up the next morning and not.
I stared into my wardrobe, and I saw that the door was now hanging off its hinges.
My furniture was probably the only thing that was in a worse state than me Back then.
I had no intention of ever getting it fixed up.
But then I never thought in my wildest dream that I would ever fix anything.
In due time my thoughts would be tested in the very streets to which I despised.
I had owned these cloths for so long and I made sure I got every ounce of wear
out of them.
Clinging to each item that touched my skin.
It was as if in doing so they had signed a contract That bonded them to my flesh.
Making the suit and the man into one flesh.
One goal.
and one never ending day.
A day I forced myself to relive over and over again until I could turn back the hands of time and make everything right.
But as I looked in to that cracked mirror, I knew there was an item missing.
a item that again had become an extension of my very essence in this world.
An item that topped off the complicated man who walked in my shoes straight into the heart of darkness.
I reached up to the top cabinet in the room.
The hat was always the last part almost ritual like a mask of a better time in life A simpler time.
The trilby landed with a weight of dignity and righteousness.
It was wildly out of taste in the modern world and that was why it fit me so well.
I didn't want to fit in.
I wanted to stay out.
Away from the evil so that I could meditate on it and learn how to best it at every opportunity.
I was obsessed.
A man on a mission that dominated my every sane thought and pushed me further to the edge of the big cliff of insanity.
A little bit more of the raging storm and I would be falling.
Falling into a pit I might never climb out of.
A pit that would claim every speck of decency I had left contained in my husk of a shell.
But I still had to put effort into my appearance.
I couldn't get the answers I needed running around looking like a Neanderthal.
I had to push myself to keep going.
To keep up the appearances of a normal, sane man Whether that was the case or not.
I pulled out my cut throat razor from the back pocket of my suit trousers I unclipped the blade in the cracked mirror.
As I began to shave away the scars.
That’s when I took a long a hard look at my face.
How to describe my face to you.
I guess you could call it handsome,
Rugged even.
Hard I've heard them say.
Only one person's opinion at that time mattered to me and that person I had lost long ago, but that's another story.
A story of a different man whose heart beat warm blood and not the cold liquid that was coursing throughout my veins as each stroke of the razor sharppenned my inner hatred towards the world that wronged me and the men and woman who turned my blood cold.
Oh and when I said I lost her I mean lost.
Rumor has it she was working undercover for the dirtiest mobster in the city.
They said she was living in the the hotel that wasn’t even a hotel.
you see The hotel im talking about has had many crooked owners and at that time it’s new owner was the worst it had ever been associated with Mr Soap Box.
For years he was the dirtiest crime boss in sunshine city.
Who, like most evil hid behind a persona of cleaning up the city.
If you want to know how he got his name, just take a look at the amount of bathtubs that were turning up with dead bodies inside.
The Botched job coffins with the same trademark calling card of bars of soap logged in the mouth with the inscription they said something naughty on each bar.
The actions of this lunatic told me a lot about the kind of man I was dealing with.
This would be like nothing I have ever faced before.
Something that was birthed from the dark corners of society
An evil that existed just to be evil.
A man that ruled by fear.
Yet the fear was well earned as nothing was off the table when it came to demonstrating his method of ruling over the masses and the lengths he was always prepared to go to to keep the chains of all his captives right where he liked Them.
Right there in the grip of his vice like hands.
I knew back then that no matter how many chains they held on to It would never feel like enough.
He had to own as many people as possible.
Have them dancing at a snap of his fingers.
All I had ever seen in that hole of a city was the slaves bowing down begging on the bloody sore and worn out knees to their master.
A master who held the whip and at a matter of seconds he would turn that whip on anyone if it meant making his whipping arm even stronger.
His captives lost their confidents as there Brakes began to show in their sprit which as a result Putt a stop to any revolution that might have risen up to challenge his rule.
I was a man unchained.
A man who could never be controlled.
Could never yield no matter how strong the lashes fell upon my back.
Mr Soap Box would have to kill me before my knee would ever bend to his will.
This city had hope as long as I chose death over servitude.
But when it comes to getting him away from the throne, he ruled from at the box hotel an answer was yet to be revealed.
The answer I strongly knew would come one day and I belivied it was now combing closer than ever.
Of course, his fingerprints were clean at every one of his crime scenes Back then.
He would blame all the deaths on his loyal followers of his campaign to clean up the city.
Collateral damage in his quest for utopia.
But I know different I know more than most do.
After running into one of these so called followers I found them to be expert fighters trained for deadly combat.
I also found that each member had their braces and designer belts made at the same place.
Ah Geovanies.
A Taylor that had custom made all the best outfits that paraded the streets to show their importance of their owner.
A place I discovered had been under protection by a firm linked directly to Mr Soap Box his helpers he affectionately called his Clean Up Crew .
They looked just like Wealthy businessmen but the reality Was they were nothing more than hired killers with dozens of convictions between them dressed to fool the blind and the thous who just didnt want to look.
Mr Soap boxes biggest problem back then was me.
I loved to look where others would not dare to look back then.
So I started by going after The Clean Up Crew.
Were they business men.
Or were they bailed out convicts.
The answer was they were all one and the same.
killers hiding in plain sight.
Mr Soap Box was playing a very dangerous game.
Theses weren’t followers.
These men were taking orders.
These men were connected and worse of all these men enjoy it.
The clean up crew were nothing more than stinking hit men in fancy threads I knew it.
They knew it!
But there's was no proof.
As Geovanies mysteriously burnt down under new management.
They must have known I was getting close to tying them all together in one neat little package and so they burnt the strings and left just the wrappings behind.
Unfortunately for them, they were forgetting one vital thing.
When you worked the way I did back then.
On instinct,
you did not need proof.
My floor began to shake as old Smokey dug her broom into the ceiling from the room below.
My wake up call and a sign I had a visitor.
My heart Turned to stone as the same fear would grip me again.
leaving me with that same haunting thought.
dont be her.
“You got a client”.
Smokeys voice ripped through the floorboards with a bark of authority.
I answered back whit the same tone “ send em up and check em.”
I paused for a second tilted my head and awatied for what I knew was coming as I mouthed along to her reply “I ain't your secretary” taking a page from smokys book I bit back through the floor “just do it.”
The silence told me she had listened and that with that Last command the case was well and truly opened.
The old lady Smokey, who I guess I can now tell you what her real name Was.
Ruth Madson
Began what I had come to call the checking in process.
I designed it myself and it went a little bit like this.
First the client would be greeted.
An offer of refreshment to calm the nerves and prepare their stories for my awaiting ears.
Next, and this part was a lot safer than then tea and biscuits.
A loaded gun would be placed into the pit of the clients' stomach where they Would be shown to a downstairs closet.
Ruth would then command them to “walk into the closet” keeping a steady aim at the lower rib cage with the nozzle of the handgun.
It is at this time that a scanning noise would be heard of a built in magnet chamber in the closet,
It was very simple if they were clean they could come out of the closet.
If they Were packing heat of any kind or adding protection they got a second belly button courtesy of Ruth.
Not enough to kill.
But enough to debilitate for a swift arrest.
The buzzing of the magnets came to a close as the gravely voice of Ruth screeched up towards me.“Clean.”
Adjusting my tie in the mirror I called down my next order.“Send em up.”
I heard each foot fall on the staircase my first repose To their sound was.
Here comes the lies.
First rule I will teach you is clients lie.
They have to.
But if I was lucky they would always tell me what I need to know by what they did not tell me.
I cradled my head in my arms and creaked my neck as I wispered to myself.“Showtime.”
As I harnessed the hand gun that had saved me from every case that had ever gone wrong.
The hand gun my clients had nick named the Mistake Maker.
I lit a match against the darken room as I drew my curtains closed to await my guest.
Placing a fresh cigarette in my mouth the flame of the match went out as the door slid open.“
That same dreaded thought entered my mind once more and terrified me to my core.
Don't be her.
A story by Walker World Of Tales
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The 4k on a Ronin M

The 4k on a Ronin M
There are some Videos out there explaining how to Balance the BMPCC4k on the DJI Ronin M. For Example this one. Or this one.
I for one had a lot of concern about how much money i need to spend in order to get it Balanced. BUt as it turns out, about 50€ in Addition to the Camera, Lense and Ronin.
The Problem(s)As we all know, the BMPCC is a thicc boi. Meaning, you cannot just slide the Camera on the Ronin in the right way. You need to dismount the Lense (if it is a big and long one) and slide it in from the back. But the Problems dont end there, Balancing the Tilt Axis is, interessting but doable. Balancing the Pan Axis is pretty easy. But most if not all BMPCC users have faced the Problem that the Roll Axis cannot be Balanced as the Camera is heavyer on one side then the other and because it is so wide, it cannot be Balanced. Even the best job will still be off Balance.
There is a work around. The Roll Axis has 2 Points where you can Manipulate the Balance. In most Videos, this one is used:
And as i said before, its not really Possible to do all the work with this Point. You have to move this one too:
As you can see, it is off Center (Also its tilted because i was testing the Balance) just a little bit. But it makes all the difference. In Theory, you dont need any extra Plates to Balance the BMPCC4k on the Ronin !I used this SmallRig Plate as an addition to make my Balanceing life easyer as this allows me to have 3 Balance Points for the Roll Axis. And i only need to change the SmallRig one, meaning the other 2 can be left as is.
In the end, it looks like this:
And moves like this:
And this is the Set Up with the SmallRig Plate:
Now you might ask yourself,


Funny story, as it turns out the BMPCC is a thicc boi, so thicc in fact that you will need an USB C Angle Adapter in order to get the Cable in there. And, oh well i am waiting for mine... So keep that in mind when you buy it.
When it comes to Lenses, most of you will Probably use Speedboosters meaning the Lenses get longer which is important. Short Lenses might not be able to be Balanced using this Set Up. My Sigma is very Heavy and kinda big so its fine.In General, all Lenses bigger / a bit shorter then this one should work without a Problem. But some of those ultra Short ones wont as the camera cannot be slid forward anymore. If you still want to use one, getting around extra weights is probably not possible. And this, spending more.With the Topic of weight comes the Question of how the Ronin Handels the fairly heavy Camera. Well, the Ronin M can carry quiet a bit more then the current Set Up. Thus, there are no issues during Operation. Its only a bit, "ify" getting into Brief-Case mode as the Ronin seems to just think about the meaning of life once you try to get it into this mode. Sometimes it takes 2 Attemts to get the Ronin into Brief-Case mode. Other times it works fine.
So, is it worth it ? I dont know, i havent seen any Footage.... Yet. But from what i can see on the Screen, it looks fine.
On a real note, it works and seems to create very good results. I would recommend to buy a used Ronin from ebay as you can get a very "Pro" system for 500€ or 800$. Which is a pretty good deal.
I wouldnt recommend buying stuff like the Ronin S or Moza Air 2. Sure they are good, but just for a bit more, you can get even better.
So yeah, i hope this helps !
Cheers ! -

EDIT 1 So i found a 500 Years old SD Card. Meaning 12:1 Compression and Glorious Full HD. Because everything else would kill the SD after 14.231 Sec. This is the result, pls be aware, this is the first time i tryed using a Ronin. But hey. Some Shots look good. If they were in Focus....
I like those stills from the Video:

Considering i did this... Today in like 10 Min, its ok... But you can really see the lower Quality of the Compresion together with the bs lighting. If you look at the Video, you can see that the Shutter at 30 was to fast. There was really close to no light.
For everybody here that considers buying this Set Up, or a similar one for that Matter.... Read this.
First things first, it makes a lot of Fun using this Set Up. You feel free since you dont need any Tripod or Rail. You can just be like "Oh i think this move would look cool" and do it. No time consuming building or relocating of Components. Its quiet honestly, Run´n Gun. I was really suprised how stable the Footage is. In the Video it may look a bit "jittery" which is duo to the incressed clip speed. Some of those Clips are at 1000% normal speed ! This is what i looks in Normal Speed:
I do need the change some settings on the Ronin, its not always as smooth as i want it to be. (Deadband settings).
But lets talk about the Problems. The Main ones are:

  1. That damn Focus Things like Focus Assist help a lot since you cannot always perfectly see what you want to FIlm. As the Ronin is in the Way. But thats not to bad. The Problem is that you are set at one Distance for the duration of the Clip. A Focus Motor would help there a lot. But its not needed.
  2. What is needed, is a Remote Trigger. Buy one. You will thank me later. I found out the hard way. My Shoulder is dead.
So, Cheers ! 2.
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Nintendo Switch Controller On PC

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Feature of Product:
1) Compatible with all key and motor functions of the original Switch of the Switch (Sensor function is available);
2) Provide 4 red LED indication functions;
3) Provide 16 button function input keys to support TURBO function;
4) Built-in dual motor, 256-level precision 3D joystick;
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Mock Draft W/Scouting Report (Picks #1-20)

1.New Orleans Pelicans- Zion (Ends AD era with the arguably most hyped prospect since AD)
SHADES OF: Charles Barkley, Blake Griffin, Julius Randle
-Capable of running pick-and-roll as a ball handler; the team that drafts him can use him in virtually any role on offense.
-A potential five-position defender with a rare combination of strength, agility, and anticipation skills; he can
comfortably switch on-ball screens.
-Zion’s explosive jukes and hop-steps are glitches in the laws of physics; a player his size shouldn’t be able to create
separation the way he does.
-A wrecking-ball finisher who can finish through and above contact; his size, athleticism, and ballhandling ability will
lead to a lot of defensive fouls drawn.
-Dangerous on dives to the rim via pick-and-rolls and handoffs; he can flush lobs like DeAndre Jordan or pass on the short
roll like Draymond Green.
-A smart, unselfish passer who thrives in transition; he lacks supreme vision, but his excellent rebounding and coast-to-
coast ability are valuable tools.
-Punishes smaller players on perimeter drives and post-ups. Has basic moves now, but displays the dexterity and body
control necessary to improve.
-An active and aware cutter who can exploit holes in defenses, even when they sag off him on the perimeter.
-Hustles and plays with a winning mind-set: dives for loose balls, rebounds out of his area, and pursues chasedown blocks.
-Defensive playmaker who alters shots and jumps passing lanes to spark transition chances, though in a pro system he’ll
have to gamble less frequently.
-Clunky spot-up shooting mechanics; he brings the ball to his set point too early, which hurts momentum into his shot.
Also needs to kick his strange habit of jab-
stepping before he shoots.
-Developing a jumper off the dribble is the key to unlocking his full potential; he shoots the ball flat and looks
uncomfortable even from the elbow.
-Must learn how to change gears to minimize sloppy passes or out-of-control drives that lead to charges.
-He can be predictable: He overuses the drop step on post-ups, and he rarely uses his right hand on shots near the rim.
He needs a more diverse arsenal of moves on drives and post-ups.
-Defensive awareness could use fine-tuning; often falls into upright stance, ball-watches, and misses help rotations.
-Defensive discipline is lacking; though he makes explosive plays, savvy opponents will throw moves that make him leave
his feet, or crash the boards when he overhelps.
-With his size and explosiveness, health is always a question: He suffered a right foot bruise in high school that put
him in a walking boot, sprained his MCL at Duke, and has been out of shape in the past.

2.Memphis Grizzlies- Ja Morant (Ends Conley era since he wants to be traded, perfectly)
SHADES OF: Skinny John Wall, Donovan Mitchell, Dennis Smith Jr.
-Electric passer who generates open space for teammates with speed and sleights of hand, and then accurately delivers the
ball using either hand off the dribble.
-Excellent shot-creation upside. He has a quick first step and uses slippery crossovers, spins, in-out dribbles, and
changes of pace to create space.
-Major potential as a transition threat with his handle, speed, and unselfish passing ability.
-Touch from the line and around the rim suggests he could be a good shooter if he makes the necessary mechanical changes.
-Terrific athlete who explodes for open-floor dunks and has the top-gear speed to zoom by defenders. Crafty finisher who
absorbs contact well, though he still must get stronger.
-Has the instincts of a role player, too: does the little things like cutting, rebounding, and facilitating within the
flow of the offense.
-Solid on-ball defender when he’s playing with intensity, which doesn’t happen often enough.
-Too tricky with his dribble, forces passes into shutting windows, and is nonchalant making simple passes, all of which
lead to avoidable turnovers.
-Needs to overhaul his shooting mechanics: His release is too low and his elbow sticks out. The ball gets pushed from his
forehead. He’s a natural lefty who shoots righty.
-Must improve his right hand. Becoming more of a one-foot leaper would enhance his finishing, too.
-Struggles shooting jumpers off the dribble largely due to his poor mechanics, which cause him to transition slowly into
his release.
-Motor and focus wane when defending off-ball, leading to backdoor cuts and open shooters. Is it due to his heavy
offensive role, or is it for a lack of interest?
-Narrow frame limits his defensive upside. He’s not someone who can switch onto larger players.

3.New York Knicks- RJ Barrett (Take whoever outta RJ or Ja is left)
SHADES OF: Jalen Rose, alpha Andrew Wiggins, Harrison Barnes, Rudy Gay
-Good athlete in space with smooth footwork who seeks contact on drives.
-Dangerous ball handler who takes long strides and uses a bevy of herky-jerky maneuvers like Euro-steps and hesitations to
get to the rim.
-Effective shooter off the dribble from midrange: He’s comfortable transitioning into his shot, especially when driving
left, and he’s flashed a slick stepback.
-Good ball handler and passer for his size who can make any type of pass off the dribble. Though he’s not a pure playmaker,
he can fit into any multi-ball-handler offense.
-Excellent rebounder for his position; when he snatches boards, he’s a constant threat to go coast-to-coast.
-Competitive defender at lower levels, especially playing for Team Canada. He has the physical profile to be a versatile
defender with long arms and strong frame.
-Team Canada has poured resources into his development; he has a strong work ethic, and a history of improvement suggests
he’ll continue progressing.
-He induces face-palms by forcing contested shots early in the clock, barreling into defenders instead of passing to open
players, and attempting wild passes to bail himself out.
-He rarely uses his right hand, as if it were tied behind back. It’s critical that he improve his off hand to diversify
his shot-creation ability.
-His lousy percentages from 3 and the line are alarming since he has good, consistent mechanics.
-Lacks natural touch, an issue that is compounded by his diminished athleticism in tight space, which hinders his at-rim
-Inactive off-ball player on offense: He rarely ever cuts or screens at Duke, though his athleticism and versatility could
make him a potential threat down the road.
-He’s a ball watcher off-ball who routinely misses defensive rotations; on-ball, he often falls out of his stance possibly
due to a lack of interest, awareness, or energy.

-Easiest pick in the draft in my eyes
-In my eyes the biggest drop off in talent is between 3 and 4, and tbh a 12 year old could make this pick for Scott Perry
-Barrett is clearly the 3rd best player in this draft
-Looks like Ja is going to Memphis according to media outlets
-He fits great at shooting guard between KD, and Kyrie
-He is a great driver, ball handler, underrated passer being in the 90 percentaile when talking pass to assist ratio
-Did great under Zion, possibly preparing him better for playing behind KD, and Kyrie
-Has the mamba mentality and while I have seen some Andrew Wiggins comps, his work ethic, passing ability, and
ball handeling ability is what will set him apart long term in my opinion from a Andrew Wiggins
-He is an underrated passer. I mean most people don't know this since he could have tunnel vision towards the ends of
games at times so everyone thinks he's a "ball hog" but the kid was in the 95 percentile in pass to assist ratio.
-In my opinion if he starts trying harder on defense (he has the athleticism/length to be great so that's coachable), he
works on that tunnel vision aspect of his game (coachable), and works on his shot (will be better with NBA spacing since
he's a tough shot takecoachable), he will be an an all time great for us and could be Kyrie and KD's third man his
rookie year.
-All his problems in my eyes are easily coachable and his weaknesses could be hidden in the right system,
especially in this NBA, so can't lie, I'm hyped that we're grabbing this kid.
-Seeing all these wings making deep run in the playoffs (Giannis, KD, Kawhi, Lebron in the past, etc) gives me hope that RJ
can be our versatile point forward/SG of the future much like the Mavs found in Doncic last year with the 3rd pick
-Not sayin he is any of these players but he has the potential to be with numbers exceeding that of Tatum's, Bagley's,
Kyrie's, and Ingram's during his stint at Duke. Not to mention he also reclassified and is one of the youngest players in
the draft at 18 and, should be the #1 high school prospect at the moment, not in college.

4.Los Angeles Lakers- Garland (LA doesn't need more fwrds! They have Ingram, Kuz, Bron, what rookie would thrive in that?)
SHADES OF: Damian Lillard, Jeff Teague, Nick Van Exel
-Seasoned pick-and-roll playmaker with tremendous feel and tempo; he uses elusive moves like half-spins, hesitations, and
hang dribbles to generate space.
-The ball doesn’t slow him down; he’s a speedster in the open floor able to split defenders, and he’s agile when changing
-Smooth shooter with NBA range off the dribble, off the catch, and off movement; his versatility will enable him to easily
excel in a multiple ball handler offense.
-Dexterity makes him a constant threat to pass or score from anywhere; he’s not a great at-rim finisher yet, but makes
acrobatic extension layups with either hand.
-Creative passer who throws accurate lobs and cross-court passes with either hand off the dribble.
-Son of a former NBA player, Winston Garland.
-Undersized point guard; he’s thin, lacks length, and isn’t an elite athlete; who does he effectively guard?
-Gambles too much as an off-ball defender.
-Doesn’t draw a ton of fouls and is a below-the-rim athlete; with his lean frame, finishing could be a challenge despite
his skill.
-Shooting has never been an issue for him at lower levels, but his release is a little low, so it’ll be worth monitoring
how it translates against NBA length.
-Needs to limit unnecessary risks where he tries to be flashy instead of making a fundamental play.
-A torn meniscus in his left knee ended his season at Vanderbilt

5.Cleveland Cavaliers- Culver (Perfect w/Sexton, defensive, long, great passing wing who offsets Sexton's lack their of)
SHADES OF: Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon, Jeremy Lamb
-Intelligent player who moves well without the ball, fills lanes on the break, and plays hard.
-Good straight-line driver who mixes in spin moves and finishes with either hand around the rim, though he must improve at
finishing versus length.
-Solid dribble-jumper shooter; comfortable taking side dribbles into 3s, pull-ups, and stepbacks, though his footwork will
need to improve at the pro level.
-Makes tough shots, especially from midrange. If those 2s become 3s, he could become an end-of-game scorer.
-Flashes upside shooting off screens and handoffs, though his below-average free throw percentage and lack of touch on
floaters are worrisome indicators for his actual shooting ability.
-Unselfish passer who facilitates well within the system and can make plays off the bounce for others. Shows good feel
with change-of-pace moves in the pick-and-roll.
-Competitive rebounder who can initiate a fast break as a scorer or playmaker.
-Versatile defender who can comfortably defend multiple positions and be relied on off-ball to make smart rotations and
take calculated risks going for steals.
-Stiff ball handler with an average first step. He lacks shake after his initial move, which forces him into a ton of
tough shots.
-Tweaked his shooting form to remove a hitch, though his slow and rigid release raises questions about his accuracy at the
next level.
-Takes far too many unforced midrange 2-pointers early in the clock.
-Telegraphs too many passes and lacks accuracy, so at this stage he’s more of a secondary ball handler than a primary
-Limited ceiling as a defender: He has room to get stronger, but he still has a relatively lean frame, and he has only
average lateral quickness against guards.

6.Phoenix Suns- Coby White (Gives them their PG of the future who has the length to become a verstatile guard defender)
SHADES OF: Jamal Murray, Brandon Knight, Rodrigue Beaubois
-Effective spot-up 3-point shooter from NBA range with a quick release.
-White has long-term potential off screens and handoffs due to his ability to balance himself midair, but he wasn’t
efficient in this area during his freshman season.
-Creates tons of space off the dribble, especially on his stepback jumper. There’s go-to scoring potential if he masters
his shot and handle.
-Can glide past the defense with an elite first step, yet also displays a feel for stop-and-go hesitations and hang
-Solid facilitator who can make basic passes off the dribble; will need to enhance this part of his game to complement his
scoring ability at the next level.
-Complete defender who moves well laterally and will spend the majority of his time defending the opposing point guard.
-Has a quick release, soft touch, and good elevation on his jumper, but his low shooting release could be a potential
fatal flaw against longer NBA defenders.
-Doesn’t get much elevation at the rim on drives; he handles contact well but gets blocked often. Adding strength,
improving his off hand, and mastering his floater would help.
-Struggled to shoot off the dribble even after creating space for open looks. Has wild misses to the left and right
when pulling up.
-Forces shots and tries to do too much with his dribble to get through traffic; he’ll need to play a steadier brand of
basketball at the next level to earn the trust of coaches.
-Needs to add strength and play with sound fundamentals to overcome his slight frame and short wingspan; he’s not going to
be versatile.
-Mobility and effort can make him a good overall defender, especially off the ball, but at this stage his fundamentals
remain sloppy in terms of footwork and positioning.

7.Chicago Bulls- Cam Reddish (wouldn't be surprised traded to LA for Lonzo Ball to put Cam in AD trade)
SHADES OF: Paul George, Rashard Lewis, bigger Ben McLemore
-Wide upper body with a long wingspan that can support more muscle, though his hips are slender; added strength could
improve some of his weaknesses.
-Fluidity, size, and an array of ball-handling moves and hesitations enable him to hit pull-up perimeter jumpers that most
players can’t.
-Projects as a plus shooter off the catch due to his quick, high release. With his size, he could develop into a pick-and-
pop threat.
-Does a fine job of relocating off-ball and cutting, though the results aren’t great due to a lack of explosiveness inside
and a streaky shot outside.
-Good passer for his size: He’s adept at creating space and making reads in the pick-and-roll, though he’s had limited
opportunities due to the presence of star teammates.
-Switchable defender with long arms and quick hands to swipe at ball handlers; he defends on his heels too much, though,
which hinders his lateral quickness.
-Though Reddish underwhelmed at Duke, he accepted his role without any complaints, which bodes well for his ability to do
what his future team asks of him.
-Reddish doesn’t maximize his physical gifts. He’s long but takes short, choppy steps attacking the rim; he’s large, but
avoids contact when driving or rebounding.
-Loses balance on drives to the rim; he lacks coordination, slips and falls, and will fumble the ball even without
-Settles too much for jumpers despite only appearing like a knockdown shooter; his mechanics look smooth, but he’s shot
low 30 percent from 3 throughout his career.
-Not an above-the-rim finisher in traffic, and he avoids using his off hand; converts on plays around the rim at a much
lower rate than you’d expect.
-Telegraphs too many passes; he plays a casual overall game, and needs to put zip on the ball to get it where he wants it
to go.
-Lacks discipline on defense: He falls for pump fakes, reaches too often, and gambles in situations when he should just
play positional defense.
-Defensive effort flutters too much; his mind-set could be the difference between becoming Paul George or Jeff Green.

8.Atlanta Hawks- Hunter (Most proven player available, great shooter, gives them their versatile 3&D SF/PF of the future)
SHADES OF: Luol Deng, DeMarre Carroll, Jae Crowder
-Good spot-up shooter who has a sense for relocating and cutting, though he should quicken his shooting release.
-His shot creation has improved considerably; he can get to the rim on straight-line drives, make basic one- or two-
dribble pull-ups, and face up from the post.
-Good on-ball perimeter defender due to his notable combination of mass, length, and quickness.
-Plays sound positional defense off-ball; he rotates well, minimizes mistakes, and has the bulk to neutralize rim runners
when helping in the pick-and-roll.
-Stout post defender due to strength, length, and strong base; he’s hard to overpower.
-Average first step and handle limits his scoring upside.
-While a good defender, he does tend to get smoked by quicker, explosive players—which he’ll see far more of in the NBA.
-Unless he has space to gather, he’s a below-the-rim finisher who doesn’t finish well inside against contact or lengthy
-Questionable feel for the game; he’s a ball stopper who makes delayed reads, though he has made significant progress as
a passer each season.
-Lacks defensive playmaking skill; doesn’t log many explosive plays in the blocks or steals columns though it’s partially
a product of Virginia’s defense scheme.
-Solid rebounder, though he’ll need to show more skill to excel in a small-ball frontcourt role.

9.Washington Wizards- Sekou
-Outstanding physical tools with a thick frame and long arms; he’s a fluid above-the-rim athlete who can dunk or block
shots from afar.
-Theoretically a versatile defender due to his blend of strength, length, and mobility, though he needs to stay locked in
and dramatically improve his fundamentals.
-Productive rebounder.
-Good footwork on drives to the rim; his handle is still catching up, but his feet look natural on Eurosteps and rip-
throughs; he played soccer growing up and his agility translates to the court.
-Assertive offensive player with a quick first step and alluring shot-creation skills for his size.
-Solid post scoring potential. He moves well and gets to his hook shot, but lacks advanced moves.
-Fumbles the ball often—and that’s on straight-line drives,
never mind more advanced maneuvers. He needs to learn to control the rock better to maximize his physical gifts.
-Poor decision
-maker who wears blinders, missing open teammates for easy passes. Often settles for jump shots, even though he’s
a subpar shooter.
-Untamed jump shot; he has good natural touch, but inconsistent mechanics and footwork make his percentages plummet
-Poor defensive fundamentals. He defends flat-footed, which slows him down laterally, and falls out of
his stance, putting his hands down or wildly opening his hips when changing directions.
-Effort wanes constantly. He goes from sprinting in transition to taking breathers and failing to contest shots; his
conditioning may need to improve, too.

10.Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas Mavericks)- Bol Bol (dependent upon health during day of draft but rumor has it, he will be)
SHADES OF: Kristaps Porzingis in 480p, present-day Brook Lopez, Thon Maker
-Fluid, coordinated athlete who moves surprisingly gracefully with the ball in his hands for a player his size; he’ll be a
threat attacking defenders who are closing out.
-Lob threat with an excellent catch radius and the soft hands to corral any pass. He keeps the ball high when finishing,
not giving mortals a chance to swipe at the ball.
-Terrific spot-up shooter, despite his funky mechanics. If his screening improves, he’ll become a pick-and-pop weapon.
-Tantalizing upside as a scorer off the dribble; few bigs can dribble and shoot as well as he does. However, his lack of
strength and burst do limit his upside creating against a set defense.
-Flashes post upside with basic moves that culminate in a right hook. He’ll need to get stronger to carve out space closer
to the rim.
-Potential deterrent around the rim due to his sheer length. He’s so long that his presence can alter opponents’ shots.
He’s mobile when he chooses to be.
-Poor shot selection: He floats too much on the perimeter and settles for jumpers off the dribble. While that’s the most
tantalizing area of his game, he needs to rein it in for now.
-Beanpole frame hinders his screening; he barely ever makes contact, since defenders can so easily sneak around him.
Putting actual effort into his screens would pay dividends.
-Slow to react to pressure when playing in the post; it often seems like he doesn’t realize that passing the ball is an
-Poor effort plagues his defense: He fails to contest shots, help, communicate, and box out for rebounds. You won’t find
him hustling back on defense.
-Lacks fundamentals; he plays high defending the post and can’t get low on the perimeter, which probably isn’t solvable
due to his high center of gravity.
-NBA scouts question his work ethic and conditioning, on top of the durability concerns due to his frail body: He suffered
a stress fracture to the navicular bone in his left foot at Oregon.

11.Minnesota Timberwolves- Clarke
-Impressively logged as many blocks as missed shots during the regular season at Gonzaga.
-Explosive leaper with soft hands to catch tough passes, and the ambidexterity and spatial awareness to finish in a crowd.
-Good decision-maker. The type of player who plays “good to great” basketball by grabbing a rebound and locating an open
teammate instead of forcing up a careless, contested shot.
-Handles the ball well for his size; he can take rebounds and go coast-to-coast. He’s mostly a straight-line driver but
likes using a spin move to his right.
-Sets solid screens, and has good feel and timing on dives to the rim; with his passing and dribbling skill, he could be
a weapon on the short roll.
-Strong indicators that he will develop a perimeter game: touch on floaters, post fadeaways, hook shots, and midrange
-Plays his ass off. Makes the extra effort, attacks the offensive boards, dives for loose balls, and hustles back in
-Excellent shot blocker. He’s a fast-twitch leaper who perfectly times his jumps and uses the rule of verticality to
alter shots without fouling.
-Projects well as a pick-and-roll defender. Has the agility to hedge and help, and the recovery speed, anticipation, and
switchability to take on wings and guards.
-Unless he develops a spot-up 3, he’ll need to play like a center on offense, which could create matchup issues for his
-Ideal role is small-ball 5, but a lack of length and strength will hinder his ability to defend larger elite bigs like
Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns.
-Underwhelming defensive rebounder given his athletic gifts.
-Shooting upside is only theoretical: He overhauled his form after transferring from San Jose State to Gonzaga, but he
still has rigid release and shoots a mediocre percentage from the line.

12.Charlotte Hornets- Langford
-Good physical profile with a wiry frame and long arms. He’s agile with or without the ball, and has a quick first step.
-Innate scoring instincts show in the way he moves, creates space using crossovers and stepbacks, and handles contact at
the rim.
-Solid perimeter scorer off the dribble. He’s a confident shooter from anywhere on the floor who smoothly transitions
from his dribble into his jumper.
-Flashes pick-and-roll playmaking skills; though he’s raw, creating for others off the dribble should be a developmental
priority at the NBA level.
-Good rebounder for his position. He can turn defensive possessions into offense.
-Defensive upside due to his strong body and athleticism; he could be useful switching screens if he starts to try
-Needs to overhaul his shot form or he’ll remain an inefficient shooter. His feet are never set the same and he releases
an inaccurate ball due to unusual wrist flexion
-Currently uncomfortable off the ball: He struggles at spot-up shooting and he’s not an aware cutter.
-He’s a ball stopper. Though he can complete basic passes to rollers or to shooters for kickout 3s, he has a bad habit of
pausing before making a dribble move or picking up his dribble before passing.
-Decision-making needs to improve: He dribbles into traffic too often, and though he drew a lot of fouls at Indiana, he’s
a below-the-rim player who may not draw as many at the next level.
-Spacey defender who falls asleep off the ball and makes slow reads even when he’s paying attention, both serious concerns
for his long-term defensive upside.

13.Miami Heat- Little
SHADES OF: Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, Stanley Johnson
-Ideal body for positionless basketball with a thick, muscular frame, long arms, and explosive athleticism.
-Switchable defender who can potentially lock down multiple positions due to his strength and raw quickness—but only if
his fundamentals dramatically improve.
-Stout defender against bigs and larger forwards due to length and strength; he’s hard to move with his strong base.
-Good rebounder at the wing thanks to his athleticism.
-Lob threat off cuts. He could also be used as a roller in the pick-and-roll due to his explosiveness and ability to
absorb and finish through contact.
-Comfortable attacking closeouts to get to the rim.
-Shows flashes pulling up from short midrange. He’s also a good free throw shooter, which suggests he has long-term
3-point upside.
-Flaky off-ball defender who loses track of his man due to ball-watching, fails to help, and has trouble navigating
-Gets caught out of position too often defending quicker players, which leads to blow-bys. He’s too much of a turnstile
for a player with his physical profile and effort level.
-Adding weight in college has allowed him to be a big for UNC, but it’s sapped him of the lateral quickness that made him
an elite high school defender.
-Looks puzzled on offense. He record-scratches the offense, pauses, settles for contested pull-ups, and dribbles into
traffic instead of locating open teammates.
-Lacks fluidity driving the ball. He has some crossovers and in-out dribble moves, but he’s stiff.
-Struggles spot-up shooting. He has some bad misses, including air balls.

14.Boston Celtics (via Sacramento Kings)- Goga
-Skilled interior scorer off of cuts and in the pick-and-roll. He’s a fluid ball handler and ambidextrous finisher with
touch on floaters and layups.
-Bitadze is the best screener in this draft class; excels at the little things that young bigs often struggle with, like
dribble handoffs and high-low passes.
-Capable of attacking off the dribble, which suggests long-term potential attacking closeouts, developing advanced post
moves, and—hopefully—shooting.
-Projects as a positive spot-up shooter; he has the touch and smooth, consistent mechanics to continue to extend his range
beyond the NBA 3-point line.
-Good passing vision, especially on the short roll, locating and accurately delivering the ball to shooters and cutters.
-Smart and competitive defender who understands proper positioning and fundamentals; he’s long, and has the potential to
effectively drop in pick-and-roll coverages.
-Engaged off-ball defender who rotates well to alter shots or close out, though his lateral mobility must improve.
-Hard-nosed rebounder who chases boards out of his area and boxes out.
-Moves laterally like he has sandbags around his ankles; he currently struggles to stay in front of quicker forwards and
is hopeless when switching against guards and wings.
-Needs to be perfect fundamentally to thrive defensively since he’s so slow-footed; he’ll need to develop as a drop
pick-and-roll defender like Jusuf Nurkic.
-Gets into foul trouble because he leaps at pump fakes and gets too handsy on the perimeter when he’s a beat late due to
his slow feet.
-Lacks explosiveness, which hinders his finishing against larger players and limits his rim-protection upside.
-Emotional player; got visibly frustrated in past seasons, though he’s gotten better at controlling his temper and not
letting adversity impact his performance.

15.Detroit Pistons- Nickiel Alexander-Walker
-Ambidextrous dribbler and scorer, comfortable with executing in-out dribbles and crossovers, and at-rim finishes and
floaters, with either hand.
-Good spot-up shooter who displays instincts for relocating and cutting to get open.
-Passing might be his best NBA skill: He’ll wow you with off-the-dribble left-handed passes to shooters in the corner.
-Fluid ball handler who plays with poise in the pick-and-roll; it looks like he’s coasting but he’s always under control.
-Flashes post scoring skills; with his playmaking, he could use the post as a source for playmaking as a big guard like
Evan Turner.
-Long, competitive defender who should be able to effectively defend both guard spots.
=Struggles finishing in the paint since his average athleticism means he doesn’t get much elevation.
-More likely a secondary playmaker than a primary due to his lack of burst.
-Ineffective 3-point shooter off the dribble, possibly due to his catapult-like shooting mechanics, where he brings the
ball back to his forehead and then launches.

16.Orlando Magic- Kevin Porter Jr.
-Excellent physical profile with a strong frame and long arms; NBA spacing could someday allow him to be an explosive
force driving to the rim.
-Projects as a shifty ball handler; his left-to-right crossover is currently his best move, though he’s too loose and high
with his right-hand dribble.
-Flashes perimeter shot-creation skills. He has confidence in his stepback jumper, which could someday be his go-to shot.
-Showed solid passing instincts and a greater willingness to create for others after returning from a foot injury in
-Great rebounder and shot blocker for his position, since he’s such a quick leaper.
-Potentially a super versatile defender given his agility and strength—so long as his defensive fundamentals improve and
he stays locked in.
-Shooting form has issues: It’s a low, flat release, and there is a lot of lower body movement; inconsistent landings may
be the cause of his inconsistencies, especially off the catch.
-Inactive off-ball player, though that might’ve been a symptom of the college offense he played in.
-His ballhandling is largely flash and little substance at this point due to his looseness while attempting most moves.
-Lacks off-ball defensive awareness. He gets caught looking at the ball and loses his man. His motor is inconsistent, and
he has to learn when to gamble.
-Doesn’t stay seated in an on-ball defensive stance, and he’s often flat-footed; he also swipes at the ball and bites on
fakes, causing him to stumble out of position.
-Maturity is a concern: He was suspended indefinitely midseason at USC for an undisclosed off-court reason, and tends to
take poor shots outside of the offensive system on the court.

17.Brooklyn Nets- PJ Washington
-Good passer for his position; has vision from all over the floor, though he does tend to force some passes into tight
-Makes up for below-the-rim finishing on drives with a quick first step, decisive moves, and ambidexterity on his layups.
-Rapidly improving spot-up 3-point shooter who projects to have NBA range.
-Mobile on-ball defender with long arms and a stout frame, though he doesn’t quite have the size to be an enforcer.
-Lacks explosiveness in traffic, which means he won’t be much of a pick-and-roll threat to throw down lobs or finish with
-Needs to diversify his offense: He rushes too many wild shots and lacks any advanced post moves; defenders will know he’s
going to his right hook.
-Below-average defensive rebounder who doesn’t display a nose for the ball; his teams may get abused on the boards if they
use him as a small-ball 5.
-Inconsistent motor and focus while defending off-ball or boxing out; doesn’t always make hustle plays like diving for
loose balls and taking charges.

18.Indiana Pacers- Tyler Herro
-Quick shooting release with NBA range; he’s capable of catching and shooting the ball at tough angles.
-Herro’s upside shooting off the dribble is his most tantalizing skill. He’s comfortable with sidestep pull-ups,
especially going to his left.
-Natural feel for off-ball relocation to get open for spot-up jumpers or cuts to the basket; he’ll wear out defenders with
his constant, deceptive movement.
-Has potential as a crafty interior finisher; he has a soft floater and he’s adept at using his off hand on layups.
-Intelligent passer who knows how to leverage his height to pass over the defense.
-Runs hard in transition to the wings and corners for 3s.
-Hustles on defense and crashes the boards. His physical profile should support more muscle, which would allow him to
defend stronger NBA wings and forwards.
-Works hard and models his game after Devin Booker, who had eerily similar strengths and weaknesses entering the NBA.
-Struggled to shoot off of screens and handoffs at Kentucky; his form makes him look like an elite knockdown shooter, but
results aren’t supportive.
-Sluggish first step turning the corner on drives to the rim limits his shot-creation ability. Lacks explosiveness to
regularly finish once he gets inside.
-Doesn’t have the lateral quickness to effectively defend quicker players on switches; he got burned in Kentucky’s final
game against Auburn.
-Has the requisite length and effort to be an effective defender, but needs to develop more attention to detail.

19.San Antonio Spurs- Hayes
-Above-the-rim finisher with the hands and coordination to reel in tough passes. He runs the floor hard in transition, and
can finish fluidly even after a couple of dribbles.
-With a wide frame, he should get significantly stronger, which will help him finish against contact, rebound, and defend
the interior.
-Good free throw shooter who also has soft touch on hook shots from the short midrange; there’s a chance he could someday
develop a spot-up jumper.
-Has the potential to become an elite rim protector: alters shots with his mere presence, and his long wingspan allows him
to clog passing lanes.
-Excellent lateral quickness defending on the perimeter. May one day be able to switch, or defend pick-and-rolls
regardless of the coverage.
-High-effort, attentive defender who’ll recover for chase-down blocks, which can mask some of his raw fundamentals.
-Multisport athlete until his senior year of high school, when a late growth spurt forced him to quit football and focus
entirely on basketball.
-High-character, hard-working player who was raised by parents who had successful athletic careers: His dad played 12
years in the NFL, and his mom played college basketball.
-Gets caught in no-man's-land defending the pick-and-roll; he often looks confused, an understandable symptom of his
-Commits careless fouls biting on pump fakes and reaching instead of using the rule of verticality.
-He gets overpowered on the boards, and sealed off underneath the rim, which currently limits his defense and rebounding.
Does he lack toughness or strength?
-Lacks basic post skills. Banging down low won’t be a focus, but he needs to improve at burying defenders underneath the
rim and finishing at tough angles.
-Inexperienced: He’s often a beat late making reads, doesn’t screen well, and sloppily executes simple plays like dribble
-Reluctant with his left hand; he dunked nearly everything in college, but finishing at an elite level in the NBA requires
more dexterity.
-Potential health concerns. He got banged up a few times over the course of the season, and sustained a bone bruise to his
left knee, ending his freshman campaign.

20.Boston Celtics (via LA Clippers)- Keldon Johnson
-Decisive scorer; he grabs the ball and goes when attacking closeouts or sprinting in transition, taking long strides on
his way to the rim.
-Improving 3-point shooter who has good touch on floaters, which helps dampen any concerns about his funky, leaning
shooting form.
-Hard-nosed rebounder unafraid to mix it up with bigs.
-Plays with effort and passion. He’ll dive for loose balls, close out hard on the perimeter, and take a charge.
-Theoretically a good defender due to his energy if his fundamentals improve.
-High, loose dribble limits his ability to create scoring opportunities for himself. He relies on brute force on straight-
line drives, and lacks any finesse with the ball in his hands.
-Robotic passer who doesn’t make advanced reads.
-A below-the-rim finisher in traffic who doesn’t handle contact well and lacks the length to extend for layups. He also
rarely uses his left hand finishing and dribbling.
-He’s heavy-footed moving laterally since he’s on his heels, and he bites for far too many fakes.
-He’s a ball watcher prone to allowing backdoor cutters and open shooters.
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What is Lalalocker?
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Service Germany

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Denver Event Listing -- 12/26/13-01/01/14

Tuesday, New Year's Eve:
Please let me know of any other NYE events you might know of. Thanks!
Wednesday, New Year's Day:
Amusement Parks
Family Fun
  • Sky Venture Colorado - Indoor skydiving! Get into a vertical wind tunnel and fly. Even little kids can do it, and it's a lot of fun.
  • The Wild Animal Sanctuary - A non-profit sanctuary for rescued big cats, wolves, bears, etc. Northeast of Denver. You see the animals from catwalks just above them, and can get very close. It's worth the drive.
  • Butterfly Pavilion - Not just butterflies! Go check out the over 5000 animals they have!
  • Landry's Downtown Aquarium
  • Apex Movement - Take a class at one of the largest Freerunning and Parkour gyms in the world. Home to many athletes from Ninja Warrior.
Concert Venues
Live Theater and Comedy
Movie Theaters
  • 16th Street Mall
  • Denver Zoo
  • Red Rocks Amphitheater - At night this is often one of the world's most amazing concert venues but during the day it's a mountain park available to all.
  • Rocky Mountain Arsenal - Just minutes outside of the city you can check out a high plains prairie park with buffalo!
  • Mt Evans - Mt. Evans is closed for the winter season. You can hike it; You can bike it, but no motor vehicles of any kind above Summit Lake.
Suggestions of anything to do around Denver always appreciated. Thanks!!
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BREAKING OVERNIGHT: Massive fire in west London -- WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE: TRUMP slaps down House Republicans’ health care bill -- POLITICO/MORNING CONSULT POLL: Voters trust Comey over Trump -- B’DAY: Brian Fallon

BREAKING OVERNIGHT: Massive fire in west London -- WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE: TRUMP slaps down House Republicans’ health care bill -- POLITICO/MORNING CONSULT POLL: Voters trust Comey over Trump -- B’DAY: Brian Fallon
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
Listen to the Playbook Audio Briefing ... Subscribe on iTunes ... Visit the online home of Playbook
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. PRESIDENT. Donald Trump turns 71 today (h/ts Reince and Spicer).
BREAKING OVERNIGHT ... THE LATEST FROM LONDON FIRE -- “6 dead in London fire; figure expected to rise” – AP/London: “London’s Metropolitan Police say six people have died in the devastating fire that engulfed a west London apartment block. Police say the number is expected to rise. Police commander Stuart Cundy says he can ‘confirm six fatalities at this time but this figure is likely to rise during what will be a complex recovery operation over a number of days.’ Cundy says many others are receiving medical care. Some 50 people are being treated in hospitals after a massive fire set a 24-story apartment block in west London ablaze overnight.”
--THE GUARDIAN: “The blaze rapidly engulfed the full height of the 24-storey block, and was still burning strongly more than six hours later, with a thick pall of dark smoke visible across the capital. Residents could be seen waving and screaming from their windows, as firefighters wearing breathing apparatus fought to rescue them from their flats. Shortly before 8am, the London fire commissioner, Dany Cotton [said:] ‘In my 29 years of being a firefighter I have never ever seen anything of this scale.’”
Good Wednesday morning. IMAGINE IF you’re a House Republican, and voted for the leadership’s health-care bill in May after being told that you were doing the newly elected president a solid. You listened to the White House’s pleading -- perhaps you got a phone call from Vice President Mike Pence, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus or even the president himself. The administration was on the Hill nonstop to push their legislation. You explained to your constituents that the late-in-the-game changes made to the bill helped cover more people. You celebrated with him in the Rose Garden after passage.
NOW YOU HEAR THE PRESIDENT has gone behind closed doors and told senators the House bill is “mean” and says it doesn’t do enough to cover people. Wouldn’t that anger you? Well, it’s angering a lot of House Republicans, who believe their president put them at political risk with that comment. A Senate health care bill was always going to be more moderate than the House version. If you're a House Republican, are you going to help the White House next time after the president privately just dumped all over you after you cast a vote for him? A lot of GOP lawmakers are buzzing about it, and many are none too pleased with the president right now. Story: “AP sources: Trump tells senators House health bill ‘mean,’” by Alan Fram.
ONE MORE QUICK THOUGHT -- Republicans on the Hill spent years decrying behind-the-scenes machinations of government. Now they have an attorney general that is refusing to discuss his conversations with the president. And a Senate majority that seeking to pass a major health-care bill without hearings.
FOR THE WEST WING -- “Poll: Voters trust Comey over Trump,” by Steven Shepard: “Voters have greater faith in former FBI Director James Comey to tell the truth than in President Donald Trump, who has disputed the veracity of Comey’s sworn testimony before a Senate committee last week. A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted in the days following Comey’s appearance before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 45 percent of voters said they trust Comey more to tell the truth, compared to 32 percent for Trump. Twenty-three percent have no opinion.”
NYT A1, GLENN THRUSH, MAGGIE HABERMAN AND JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS -- “Trump Stews, Staff Steps In, and Mueller Is Safe for Now”: “[T]he president ... began entertaining the idea of firing Mr. Mueller even as his staff tried to discourage him from something they believed would turn a bad situation into a catastrophe, according to several people with direct knowledge of Mr. Trump’s interactions. … For now, the staff has prevailed. ‘While the president has every right to’ fire Mr. Mueller, ‘he has no intention to do so,’ the White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters late Tuesday.
“But people close to Mr. Trump say he is so volatile they cannot be sure that he will not change his mind about Mr. Mueller if he finds out anything to lead him to believe the investigation has been compromised. And his ability to endure a free-ranging investigation, directed by Mr. Mueller, that could raise questions about the legitimacy of his Electoral College victory, the topic that most provokes his rage, will be a critical test for a president who has continued on Twitter and elsewhere to flout the advice of his staff, friends and legal team.”
“Among the aides most alarmed by the idea of firing Mr. Mueller … was Reince Priebus … Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel, has also advised against firing Mr. Mueller. Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and adviser, supported firing Mr. Comey, but he has been less pugnacious lately, administration officials said. Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, has adopted a more temperate tone, telling her husband that she believed the appointment of Mr. Mueller would speed resolution of the Russia scandal and expressing her view that he would be exonerated, according to two people with direct knowledge of her advice.”
-- @nickconfessore: “The first senior Trump official to leave and write a dishy tell-all about life in the White House is going to make a lot of money.”
DARREN SAMUELSOHN, “6 explosive moments that could still come in Russia probe: The president and his attorneys are showing an increasing willingness to play hardball”: “The Trump-Russia investigation is moving at a breakneck pace compared with past White House scandals. ... [H]ere are six potent powder kegs awaiting Trump, Mueller and Congress: Executive privilege ... Lawyer versus lawyer: More than a dozen lawyers are already working on behalf of Trump and his associates in the Russia investigation ... Trump’s tax returns ... A grand jury: The federal courthouse in Washington could become the center of the political universe. ... [T]he Constitution Avenue location is a likely spot where he might convene a grand jury for witness testimony in his investigation and for potential criminal indictments. ... Presidential interference ... Indictments ... As Mueller brings the probe to a close, he could face perhaps the most explosive of all decisions: whether to prosecute the president himself.”
GARY COHN MANAGING FED CHIEF SEARCH -- WSJ’S NICK TIMIRAOS and KATE DAVIDSON -- “Officials won’t publicly outline any timetable for their decision or shortlist of candidates. Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s term runs through January, and President Donald Trump didn’t rule out her reappointment in an April interview. Ms. Yellen’s reappointment isn’t an outcome many observers expect because of Mr. Trump’s fierce criticism of her during the final weeks of last year’s presidential campaign. But his willingness to consider her speaks to the amicable relationship they have forged since Mr. Trump took office, observers say.
“Since taking office, the president and his advisers haven’t publicly questioned the Fed’s actions -- including its decision to raise short-term interest rates in March. The Fed has also signaled it is likely to raise rates again at its two-day meeting that concludes Wednesday. An alternative to Ms. Yellen could be Mr. Cohn, who became Mr. Trump’s top economic adviser after a 26-year career at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Mr. Cohn has emerged as a key intermediary in the administration’s relationship with the central bank.”
FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: The Trump administration is holding two “listening sessions” today at the White House. At 10 a.m., HHS SECRETARY TOM PRICE and CMS ADMINISTRATOR SEEMA VERMA are meeting with 13 doctors for an Obamacare session. List of the doctors DIRECTOR GARY COHN is then hosting one on tax reform at 2:30 p.m. The participants: Mitch Bainwol of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers; Jake Jones of the Alliance and the Daimler Group; Curtis Magleby of the American Automotive Policy Council and Ford; Matt Blunt of AAPC, Victoria Barnes of AAPC and GM; Howard Hakes, Cody Lusk and Rachel Robinson of the American International Automobile Dealers Association, Robert Redding and Robert Wills of the Automotive Service Association, John Bozella and Paul Ryan of Global Automakers, Doug Murtha of Global Automakers and Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Steve Handschuh and Lacy Wilson of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association; David Regan, Mark Scarpelli, and Pete Welch of the National Auto Dealers Association; and Damon Lester of the National Association of Minority Dealers.
THE BIG PICTURE -- NANCY COOK and ANDREW RESTUCCIA: “Trump tries to master the art of the tiny”: “Bill Clinton salvaged his presidency by focusing on small-ball policy wins. Now Team Trump is trying to master the art of thinking tiny. Faced with a rising drumbeat of scandal stemming from ongoing Russia probes, President Donald Trump is continuing to pursue a big, complicated legislative agenda -- repealing Obamacare, reforming the tax system and passing an infrastructure package.
“Any of those would be hard to achieve in perfect circumstances, but with the GOP ideologically fragmented and the White House distracted by legal trouble, it’s increasingly difficult to imagine Trump landing a big win. Veterans of past White Houses say if the president wants to keep Republican voters on his side, it’s time to turn his attention to putting forward discrete, achievable policy proposals that he can actually get done. ...
“The White House seems to be getting the message. For months, executive branch actions to unwind or rewrite regulations got little notice. But in recent weeks, wonkier policies are getting more fanfare, with briefings for reporters and appearances by Cabinet officials in the press room. On Wednesday, Trump is expected to announce the reorganization of government job training programs at the Labor Department as part of the White House’s ‘workforce development week’ -- the latest in the administration’s recent efforts to highlight tangible, limited goals like privatizing air traffic control or slashing regulations. An administration official said the White House is planning more policy-themed weeks in the coming months, including one on energy tentatively scheduled for late June. The official said the weeks are aimed at unifying the White House’s message.”
THE HEARING -- “5 takeaways from Sessions’ Russia testimony,” by Seung Min Kim and Josh Gerstein: “Sessions’ go-to line: ‘I don’t recall’ … The ‘I don’t recall’ line was a reliable response from the attorney general during the nearly three-hour grilling, particularly about one of the biggest questions raised before his testimony - whether he had further undisclosed meetings with Russian officials. … Senate Republicans run interference. While Democrats were harsh toward Sessions, nearly all Republicans treated him gingerly. … Sessions rattled under pressure. The still-new attorney general has had little practice at the witness table, and it showed as he became rattled under questioning from Democrats who have accused him of not being forthcoming about his interactions with Russian officials. …
“Sessions and his deputy show some daylight. Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were testifying on Capitol Hill simultaneously Tuesday, but they weren't always in sync. One such moment came when Sessions testified that Comey likely had an obligation to notify Congress when new evidence emerged in the probe into Hillary Clinton's State Department emails last October. … Unasked questions. … The most glaring: Did Sessions ever offer to resign due to Trump’s dissatisfaction with his job performance, as several news outlets have reported? The attorney general might have punted, but his reaction might have betrayed the answer.”
SURROUND-SOUND -- “Nearly 200 Democratic lawmakers sue Trump citing business conflicts,” by USA Today’s Steve Reilly: “Nearly 200 Democratic members of Congress filed a lawsuit against President Trump on Wednesday morning alleging that his continued ties to his business empire violate the U.S. Constitution. The unprecedented legal action accuses Trump of violating the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits federal officials from accepting gifts or titles from foreign governments without congressional approval. The lawsuit will have the greatest number of congressional plaintiffs of any lawsuit against the president in the nation’s history, according to Michigan Rep. John Conyers, the House Judiciary Committee’s top-ranking Democrat. ‘We do this not out of any sense of pleasure or partisanship, but because President Trump has left us with no other option,’ he said.”
-- Democratic lawmakers will hold a press conference at 10 a.m. in the LBJ Room.
-- THE ORIGINAL SCOOP. HEATHER CAYGLE, on June 7: "Democrats to sue Trump over conflicts of interest"
REMINDER: WE ARE STILL AT WAR -- “Trump gives Pentagon authority to set troop levels in Afghanistan,” by WaPo’s Thomas Gibbons-Neff: “President Trump has given the Pentagon new authority to decide the troop levels in Afghanistan, a U.S. official said Tuesday. The move could lead to a deployment of thousands more troops as commanders decide the way forward in the 15-year-old war. The U.S. official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly, said the move is similar to the April decision that gave the Pentagon more authority to set troop levels in Iraq and Syria. The change, the Pentagon said, was so units could deploy at their proper strength to better maintain unit cohesion.”
VIRGINIA GUV RACE: NORTHAM VS. GILLESPIE -- GREGORY SCHNEIDER in WAPO: “Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam won the Democratic nomination for governor of Virginia Tuesday by an unexpectedly wide margin, and Republican Ed Gillespie held off a surprising challenge from Donald Trump acolyte Corey A. Stewart for that party’s nomination. …
“[G]illespie edged past Stewart by just over a percentage point — fewer than 4,500 votes. … The nation was watching Virginia as a political laboratory for how the political parties handle the deep divisions that followed last year’s election of President Trump. The establishment forces seemed to win out, as Virginia voters resisted efforts to pull further to the right or left. Perriello channeled the energy -- and endorsement -- of progressive leader Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as he tried to shake up the Democratic Party, but fell short in his bid to bring in enough new voters from among the young and working class to overcome Northam’s command of the Democratic machine, including the endorsement of nearly every Democratic elected leader in state or federal office.”
FIRST IN PLAYBOOK -- THE OBAMACARE POLITICAL WAR: Save My Care -- a group working to pressure lawmakers not to kill the Affordable Care Act -- is spending six figures on radio ads in Alaska, Maine, Nevada and West Virginia to urge senators to oppose repealing the law.
-- SCRIPT from the West Virginia ad: “Behind closed doors in Washington, they’re working in secret to rush through a health-care repeal bill that will devastate care for West Virginians – hitting our rural communities and hospitals the hardest But it can’t pass without Senator Capito. She’ll be a deciding vote. She’ll decide whether your costs go up by thousands of dollars … whether you’re one of the hundred twenty thousand West Virginians who will lose coverage altogether.
“Capito will decide whether your rural hospital can keep its doors open. … whether Medicaid is gutted … whether you or your loved one will lose access to opioid abuse treatment. Capito will even decide whether insurers can impose lifetime limits on your coverage. Unless Senator Capito votes no on healthcare repeal, the doors to affordable healthcare for West Virginia could be closed for good. Call Senator Capito at 304-347-5372 and tell her to vote no on health-care repeal.” Audio of all the radio spots
COMING ATTRACTIONS -- “Meadows: Freedom Caucus eyeing $1.5 trillion debt ceiling increase,” by Rachael Bade: “Some House Freedom Caucus conservatives want to raise the debt ceiling by a smaller amount than the Trump Administration would like -- just long enough to clear the 2018 mid-term elections, the group’s leader said Tuesday. The Freedom Caucus has not taken an official position on a specific number. But Chairman Mark Meadows emerged from a group meeting Tuesday night saying some of his conservative compadres are looking at a $1.5 trillion lift in the nation’s borrowing cap. The North Carolina Republican said that’s smaller than the $2.5 trillion he believes the White House wants.”
-- NOTE: These decisions are driven by anticipated market reaction. The GOP leadership and the White House are unlikely to agree to anything that will rattle markets.
INTERESTING READ -- “Jewish Groups Struggle to Gain White House Access Points,” by Jerusalem Post’s Michael Wilner: “Jewish American organizations long active in Washington politics are struggling to communicate with the Trump administration, scavenging through old Rolodexes and e-mail lists to find points of access into the president’s small policy team. A traditional structure governed these communications before the Trump era: Presidents since Jimmy Carter have hired White House Jewish liaisons to serve as point men for the community. But the position has been vacant since January 20, and the White House has no plans to fill it, a senior administration official told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.”
FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: Country Star Kalie Shorr will sing her hit “Fight Like A Girl” at Congressional Women’s Softball Game (CWSG) one week from today, June 21 at 7 p.m. at Watkins Recreation Center. Shorr’s song has received over 1.6 million streams on Spotify and is the walk-up song for the Member team co-captain Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.). Celebrity base umpires for the game include Mystics STAR Elena Della Donne, Erica May-Scherzer, Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer’s wife, and Monica Abbott, the top female softball player in the nation (and first to sign a $1-million contract). The CWSG raises funds for the Young Survival Coalition and is taking place the same week as the 45th anniversary of Title IX.
-- FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: The League of Conservation Voters is launching a national summer-long campaign on Wednesday afternoon called “Our Lands, Our Vote.” They are spending $500,000 initially to support national monuments, and the campaign will try to submit 250,000 comments to Interior in support of protecting them.
-- THE SPIGOT IS STILL OPEN IN GEORGIA: The GOP leadership aligned Congressional Leadership Fund disclosed another $105,514 in Georgia’s sixth congressional district to boost Karen Handel and try to take down Jon Ossoff, according to an FEC report made public Tuesday.
PLAYBOOK METRO SECTION -- WHAT LUKE RUSSERT IS READING -- Restoration Hardware becoming Wawa in Georgetown? -- PoPville
NYT’S MIKE ISAAC in SAN FRANCISCO: “Uber Embraces Major Reforms as Travis Kalanick, the C.E.O., Steps Away”: “In Uber’s continuing attempt to repair its reputation over a series of scandals stemming from its bad-boy culture, its co-founder Travis Kalanick said he would take a leave of absence as chief executive. The company also announced it would embark on a sweeping reorganization to ensure that executives are more closely supervised by its board of directors.
“At a packed meeting with employees on Tuesday morning, Uber released 13 pages of recommendations compiled as part of an investigation into sexual harassment and other wrongdoing conducted by the former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. and his law firm, Covington & Burlington.
“But even as Uber promised to reform itself, an exchange between board members onstage highlighted the company’s challenges. In front of employees, the board member Arianna Huffington talked about how having one female director typically leads to more female directors. David Bonderman, a fellow board member and a founding partner at the private equity firm TPG, replied that adding more women to the board would result in ‘more talking.’ The remark left people aghast, according to those who were there, and set off a storm of criticism on Twitter. Mr. Bonderman later apologized to Ms. Huffington and Uber’s employees in an email, before resigning from the board a few hours later.” … Holder’s report
SCOOP -- “Most Trump real estate now sold to secretive buyers,” by USA Today’s Nick Penzenstadler, Steve Reilly and John Kelly: “Since President Trump won the Republican nomination, the majority of his companies’ real estate sales are to secretive shell companies that obscure the buyers’ identities, a USA TODAY investigation has found. Over the last 12 months, about 70% of buyers of Trump properties were limited liability companies – corporate entities that allow people to purchase property without revealing all of the owners’ names. That compares with about 4% of buyers in the two years before.”
DROPPING OUT -- “Brian Burns withdraws as Trump’s nominee for Ambassador to Ireland,” by Irish Central’s Niall O’Dowd: “Brian F. Burns, the US ambassador-designate to Ireland has withdrawn his name from consideration for the job, citing health issues, IrishCentral has learned. It is believed that Burns and President Trump exchanged letters in which the attorney and leading Irish American philanthropist revealed his reasons for stepping aside. Burns, 81, was considered a remarkably good choice by Trump, given his long career of devotion to Irish issues, including the creation of the John J. Burns Library at Boston College and as a senior official of the American Ireland Fund.”
POLITICO MAGAZINE: “Meet the Two Princes Reshaping the Middle East: But for good or ill?” by Simon Henderson: “The dramatic and sudden effort to isolate Qatar, like the fateful intervention before it in Yemen, sprang from the shared vision of two princes. Depending on your point of view, they may be the harbingers of a new and better Middle East—or reckless architects of disaster. Indeed, the region’s most important relationship may be the dynamic duo of Muhammad bin Salman, the 31-year-old deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia, and Muhammad bin Zayed, the 56-year-old crown prince of Abu Dhabi, the lead sheikhdom of the United Arab Emirates. ... Together, they have shrewdly cultivated President Donald Trump, who is eager to show that he has a new strategy for defeating terrorism and confronting Tehran.”
-- “Trump’s move to deport Iraqi Christians stirs outcry,” by Nahal Toosi: “President Donald Trump is facing anger and potential political blowback as his administration ramps up efforts to deport Iraqi Christians, a group he’d pledged to protect from what the U.S. calls a genocide in the Middle East. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents over the weekend detained dozens of Iraqi Christians and others to send back to Iraq. Many of them were picked up in Michigan, a swing state that Trump barely won in 2016 and the home of a sizable number of Christians from Muslim-majority countries who backed Trump during the presidential campaign.”
MEDIWATCH -- “Layoffs To Hit HuffPost This Week,” by BuzzFeed’s Steven Perlberg: “The HuffPost newsroom is bracing for a round of layoffs this week, according to four people familiar with the matter. The cuts are said to be coming as early as Wednesday. ... The Wall Street Journal reported last week that about 15% of employees, or 2,100 people, will lose their jobs at Yahoo and AOL, which have become a combined entity called Oath.”
SPOTTED -- at Walter Russell Mead’s 65th birthday party last night: Elliott Abrams, Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.), Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and his wife Anna, Scooter Libby, former Pakistani ambassador Husain Haqqani, Adam Garfinkle, Ben Haddad, Hannah Thoburn. Cotton gave a toast.
SPOTTED: Justin Fairfax, newly elected Virginia Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia, thanking his family, friends and supporters last night at Arlington’s William Jeffrey’s Tavern ... Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y) joining callers at the DCCC last night making phone calls in support of Jon Ossoff ahead of the special election. The phone bank was organized by Slaughter and Democrats in the NY delegation. Pics … University of Michigan Football head Coach Jim Harbaugh and UM Grad Ryan Eaton of Quicken Loans government relations team in the Delta Sky360 Club taking in the Nationals-Braves Game on Tuesday night in DC. Pic
OUT AND ABOUT – Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Sergio Gor hosted an off the record Bourbon tasting last night in the senator’s Russell office featuring four of Kentucky’s best bourbons. SPOTTED: Tara Palmeri, Gabby Morrongiello, Paul Bedard, Donna Cassata, Ted Fioraliso, Peter Doocy, Doug Stafford, Matthew Hawes, Alex Pappas, Juliegrace Brufke, Walt Cronkite, Michael Memoli, Jeremy Herb, Burgess Everett, Suzanne Kianpour, Matt Boyle, Amanda House, Nihal Krishan, Alex Bolton, Cherie Paquette, Rob Lockwood, Elise Norris, Kerry Young, Andrew Desiderio, Kevin Cirilli.
-- SPOTTED at the 17th annual interfaith Ramadan Iftar dinner last night, hosted at the Mt. Vernon estate of Ray and Shaista Mahmood: DHS Secretary John Kelly, Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff and Meryl Chertoff, Reps. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), Andre Carson (D-Ind.), Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.), Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), former Reps. Jim Moran (D-Va.) and Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), Indonesian Ambassador Budi Bowoleksono and Reshanty Bowoleksono, Japanese Ambassador Kenichirō Sasae, Pakistani Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, former U.S. Ambassador for Religious Freedom Rabbi David Saperstein, Father Mark Morozowich of Catholic University, Imam Mohamed Maged of the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Virginia, Pastor Bob Roberts of Northwood Community Baptist Church, Keller, Texas, Imam Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Grover and Samah Norquist, Suhail A. Khan and Jana Plat, John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation and Mary Lee Malcolm.
-- The Institute for Education and Coach Kathy Kemper partnered with Sylvie Lucas, the Ambassador of Luxembourg to the United States, for their #IFEWomeninPower dinner last night at the Grand Duchy Embassy in Dupont Circle. Jennifer Griffin, who covers national security and the Pentagon at Fox News, was the special guest in an off the record convo. SPOTTED: Nancy Cordes, Kristen Honey, Finland Ambassador to the U.S. Kristi Kauppi, Jordanian Amb. Dina Kawar, Rwanda Amb. Mathilde Mukantabana, Jennifer Rudy, Sita Sonty, Cori Zarek, Cecilia Vega, and Jan Smith.
TRANSITIONS – The DNC has hired Sabrina Singh to serve as its deputy communication director in charge of the regional media program and coalitions media. She comes from American Bridge, where she served as the deputy communications director. ... Whitney Mitchell Brennan has been promoted to communications director for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), previously she served as deputy communications director. Alexandria Phillips joined Gillibrand’s office this week as press secretary. A HFA alum, she was previously director of surrogates and media affairs for Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer. …
… Mercury has hired Fernando Espuelas, a veteran journalist who co-founded StarMedia, to be co-chairman. ... Cambridge Analytica has named Ben Shankle and Laquan Austion as VPs to jointly lead the firm’s political operations in D.C. Shankle most recently spent two years as the data director for the Republican Party of Florida. Austion most recently worked on Lyft’s government relations team where he oversaw all east coast markets.
BIRTHWEEK (was yesterday): Kristin Huguet, in comms at Apple
BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Brian Fallon, CNN contributor, president of Barracks Row Media and senior advisor for Priorities USA. How he’s celebrating: “I will spend most of the day fending off bad jokes about sharing a birthday with Donald Trump. Next week, I am going home to Boston with my wife and kids, and my brother and I will be at David Ortiz’s number retirement ceremony at Fenway on June 23rd.” Read his Playbook Plus Q&A:
BIRTHDAYS: Mack McLarty, No Labels Vice-Chair and former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton (h/t Dennis Craig) ... Dan Schwerin, former director of speechwriting for Hillary Clinton ... House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer is 78 ... Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio) is 63 ... Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) is 73 ... former Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) is 74 ... The U.S. Army is 242 … Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of news partnerships (h/t Erika Masonhall) ... Leon Wieseltier is 65 ... Russian-born billionaire and philanthropist Leonard “Len” Blavatnik is 6-0 (h/ts Jewish Insider) ... Anthony Zampelli, LA for Rep. Dan Donovan, is 25 (h/t Joe Kalmin) ... Christopher Gahan, former COS to Sens. Pat Toomey and Judd Gregg who is now VP of federal relations and GR at Northwestern Mutual, is 43 ... Amber Marchand, managing director at Hamilton Place Strategies (h/t Ken Spain) ... Alexandra Veitch, VP of gov’t relations at CSRA ... Regan Page is 27 ... Danny Gaynor, in strategy and messaging at Nike ... cheese-loving Kristen Bartoloni, partner at Silver Street Strategies …
... Sara Armstrong, COS of the RNC (h/t Ryan Mahoney) … Iowa Republican donoactivist Bruce Rastetter is 61 … Chris Bleak … Brussels-based Politico tech reporter Laurens Cerulus is 3-0 ... Bill Wasserman of M+R (h/t Jon Haber) ... Jon Lentz, editor-in-chief at City & State ... Shomik Sarkar, former director of reporting for HFA, now a data scientist at the DNC (h/t Eric Heggie) ... Sarah Chen ... WaPo’s Josh Hicks, covering Maryland politics, is 37 ... Leslie Ogden ... former Peace Corps Director Aaron Williams … Chris Liddell-Westefeld … Carol Apelt ... Quinn Johnson … Mary Ann Preskul … Linda Beitelspacher … Scot Ross, the pride of Pittsburgh … Dee Simpson (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... Brandon Hall is 42 ... Rachel Williams Ellis ... Ashley Samelson McGuire ... Roland Rydstrom ... Kenan Block, an MSNBC alum, is 63 ... Pat Proctor is 46 ... Bob de Maria .. David Parsons ... Andrew Bair ... Boy George is 56 ... International Tennis Hall of Famer Steffi Graf is 48 (h/ts AP)
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